Speak to our Pharmacists from the comfort of your own home

At Community Pharmacy we are constantly reviewing the way in which we can provide our customers with the most convenient and up to date ways to optimise their health outcomes.
With the impacts of 2020 changing the way in which we all work and interact, we have introduced telehealth into our stores as an alternative way for customers to connect with us. Through a simple phone or video call you can speak to one of our Pharmacists from the comfort of your own home. Many GP’s and health professionals have also adapted to using telehealth and sending escripts, to ensure that patients health needs have not been compromised during these challenging times.
Tele Health allows for those who may not be able to leave home, whether it be due to ill-health, location or just due to a lack of time to still access some of our health checks and services.
Some of the services we can do via telehealth include Naturopathy consultations, Meds checks and diabetes meds checks & home medication reviews. We will continue to add more of our services shortly.

Please phone our stores to book your telehealth appointment and for more information.