Membership Terms & Conditions

When you join the program, you become a member of the Community Pharmacy Friendly Society and agree to be bound by our Constitution, a copy of which is available on request from our Support Centre. 

Membership Benefits and Terms of Membership may be modified at any time without prior notification by Community Pharmacy in its absolute discretion. 

The Community Pharmacy Member Benefits Program provides Members with the following benefits:

Benefit Conditions

It is your responsibility to keep your Community Pharmacy Member Benefit Card safe and to present it at the time of making a purchase in a Community Pharmacy store. We regard the person presenting a Community Pharmacy Member Benefit Card as the genuine cardholder and we are not responsible for stolen, lost or damaged cards, or for any misdirected, lost or not received benefits.

Community Pharmacy Member Benefits Cards remain the property of Community Pharmacy Friendly Society at all times.  By signing-up to the as a Community Pharmacy Member you consent to the following:

Community Pharmacy will not otherwise disclose or permit the use of any of your personal information unless required by law, and will take all reasonable steps to ensure the security and privacy of all your personal information and data collected from and about you.

It is the responsibility of the member to update their Membership profile when their contact details change including but not limited to email address, phone number and mailing address.  You may access and update your personal information at any time by visiting any one of our Community Pharmacy store locations, or by emailing us at:

Termination.  You may terminate your Membership to the Community Pharmacy Member Benefit Program at any time and without reason by doing any of the following:

Community Pharmacy is a mutual, not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee, which has been serving Melbourne for more than 100 years.  As a Friendly Society, Member are required to contribute to the common fund.  Your Membership fee satisfies this requirement and allows us to continue offering exceptional services and member offers.  We reinvest our profits into the wider, local community through our ‘We care for you’ program.

Despite anything to the contrary contained in this document, any modifications to the Terms may be applicable to a member retrospectively.  clinic