Our Healthy Community Awareness & Information Clinics are tailored to you and can alert you to health risks.

Despite declining rates of cardiovascular disease in recent years, it remains one of Australia's deadliest diseases. The good news is that knowing your risk factors and getting help reducing them increases your chances of beating heart disease. Community Pharmacy runs cardiovascular screening, inclusive of cholesterol and blood pressure testing at all five of our locations.
In just 15 minutes, our one-on-one consultation, including a cholesterol screening, can identify patients at risk of cardiovascular disease. If abnormal cholesterol levels are identified, the pharmacist can advise on preventative measures, effective treatment programs, lifestyle changes, and if necessary a GP referral. You'll also receive a personalised cardiovascular report and learn about personal risk factors that increase your chances of developing cardiovascular disease.
Cost: $10 per session with a 10% discount to members.
To find out more or to book an appointment, contact your local Community Pharmacy.
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