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Notice of Annual
General Meeting

Notice is hereby given to the members of Community Pharmacy Friendly Society Limited that the Annual General Meeting will be held via video and/or teleconference at 8:30 am 24 February 2021.
Members must register with the company by email to to receive details of the video and/or audio link to the meeting by no later than 5:00 pm 19 February 2021.

Notice is also given that the election of Directors will take place at the AGM. Current Directors, Rhonda Whitfield and Chris Henderson are due to retire by rotation and being eligible, offer themselves to stand for election for a further term. Any eligible member wishing to nominate for election as a Director must email as above and complete a nomination form in accordance with the constitution by 5:00 pm on 12 January 2021.

By order of the Board
Chris Henderson
Company Secretary

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